One Post-doc Position Available

One post-doc position is available at the moment. The position is for two years with a possibility to extend for a third year. The post-doc is expected to work on one or more of the following topics: 

1. Computational models of judgment and decision making. The ideal candidates should have extensive experience in cognitive modeling and be interested in understanding human decision processes using computational approaches; an interest in decision heuristics is a plus but not necessary. 

2. Collective behavior and group decision making. The ideal candidates should be interested and have experience in studying the decision processes of groups or teams; prior research experience in “the wisdom of crowds” is a plus but not necessary.

3. Risk literacy and communication. The ideal candidates should have prior experience in conducting research in educating or communicating risks to the general public in domains of medicine, finance, and/or policy making; an interest in the “nudge vs. boost” debate is a plus but not necessary. 

There will be no teaching involved, and will be amble support for research expenses and traveling for conferences and research visits. Salary and compensation will depend on experience and be internationally competitive, and the ability to speak Mandarin Chinese is not required.   

Applications should consist of a cover letter describing research interests and fit to the position, a curriculum vitae, up to three representative research articles, and two letters of recommendation. All materials should be sent to Dr. Shenghua Luan at, preferably in PDF files, under the heading “Application for Post-doc by YOUR NAME.”