Our lab studies how people make judgments and decisions under risk and uncertainty. The main areas of our research include: decision models and heuristics, group decision processes and behavior, human cooperative behavior, organizational and managerial decision making, risk perception and communication, sports and business forecasting, and human behavior in a digital-intelligence society. We adopt both descriptive (how people decide) and prescriptive (how to improve the qualities of people’s decisions) approaches in our studies and apply a variety of methods, including large-scale surveys, human experiments, computer simulations, cognitive modeling, machine learning algorithms, and archival data analysis, trying to help people adapt to the increasingly risky and uncertain world that we are living in. Our research findings have been published in top-tier journals in psychology, management, and decision sciences, such as Psychological Review, Psychological Bulletin, American Psychologist, Academy of Management Journal, Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior. For inquiries about the lab and our research, please contact Professor Shenghua Luan (luansh@psych.ac.cn).